Subtitles support to Android MediaPlayer across any OS version

One of the key features in video hosting applications is Subtitles availability.

Unfortunately on Android, default media player doesn’t support SRT subtitles until Jellybean. Even on JB, it doesn’t give much flexibility to play around those APIs. I have had my troubles in debugging some intermittent crashes with no help from stack traces.
More over Android TV runs on Honeycomb devices which leaves us no other option than having our own functionality.

I came across a blog which mentioned about a hidden gem Subtitle Converter, a JAVA research project which deals with conversion of subtitle format to one another. Continue reading

IOS style password control on Android

A while ago I came across a kind of weird requirement by an IOS biased client :P, he wanted to have a control which looks like an IOS lock screen password field.


Since there is no control available in Android of this kind, I decided to create a compound component using a hidden EditText underneath other layouts. Continue reading