Yes!!, that was the question on my mind when I decided to start a tech blog recently and I looked upon various options for great look and flexibility.

Finally I chose WordPress.com and here is why…

I am writing this to help other newbies like me

Being a Google services lover, I chose blogger.com initially

It is simple and has provision to link it to your own domain for FREE!! but I wanted to have nice fancy look, so tried different design templates. Unfortunately those templates are pretty limited and old school style. And moreover dynamic style templates cant be customised (such as having your own twitter handle in sharing buttons or a different style of sharing button set). Check this link for deep insights on Blogger Vs WordPress.

WordPress seems to be the best option for me and then it comes to the big question WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org??

After googling for a while, I found tons of other blogs comparing those. Here is an excellent and simple infographic comparison which might give you an idea.

All popular hosting services paid starting with BlueHost, Hostigator etc starting with minimum of 4-5$ monthly price, depending on your configurations.

Also I found out some FREE hosting services with decent limitation on storage and traffic. Some of them are AgilityHoster, ByteHost etc. And again some bloggers voicing concerns on these services, you can dig more info on best free services here.

After reading those debates on whether to host or not, I tried to host my own blog

and then rant begun..

I disagree with the “self hosting – super easy to use” statement. It isn’t, for a true, real beginner — even a very technical one, but one not having any blogging or website design experience.

So I realised that all I wanna do was just write some geeky stuff on my personal blog with a great looking theme!! WordPress.com has 100s of themes available and they backup your stuff regularly. HassleFree environment for personal bloggers.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are a personal blogger who do not care about making money and ad banners on your blog, then go with WordPress.com.

and if you want to link your own domain, it costs 13$ per annum which is quite reasonable I think.

These are just my thoughts on where to blog and I could be wrong, let me know what you feel on this.

Thanks for reading, share you comments as well 🙂

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